Toyota introduces new Auris State

toyota-auris-stateAre you pretty excited when you scanned this page? Yes, that thing on the picture is the new Auris Estate by Toyota. It is the Touring Sports version of the Toyota Auris if we need to be more precise and it is the first ever wagon-bodied vehicle in the Auris lineup.

This British-made Auris features a good amount of space for your luggage and that is really the main selling point of the vehicle. Fold down the seats and you can get as much as 1,658 litres for your stuff. That number easily outclasses the 1,495 liters of the Golf Estate. The load area of the Focus Estate at 1,502 litres also cannot match what the Auris Estate offers. If you are looking for a family car or a weekend get-away vehicle, you might want to consider the Toyota Auris Estate.

In the United Kingdom, the Auris Touring Sports will be available with a 1.6L petrol or a 1.33L Dual VVTi powerplant, a diesel engine with 1.4-litre displacement, and as a full hybrid vehicle. The hybrid setup will combine a 1.8L petrol engine with an electric motor to produce 134bhp and a carbon dioxide emission of just 86 grams per kilometer. Basing on earlier reviews of these engine choices, it seems the diesel will be your best choice.

The diesel version of the Auris Estate uses the same backbone as its hatchback sibling with a one-touch rear seat folding system called Easy Flat. It also has two levels of loadspace, a 12V outlet in case you need to charge your phones or other gadgets, and hooks for your shopping bags.

The design also shows resemblance to the hatchback that has some aggressive fine lines. . The Touring Sports version of the Auris also has a panoramic roof ad touches of piano-black elements for the exterior.

At this point you might be wondering about the price of the Auris Estate, unfortunately, Toyota still has to announce the official tag price for this vehicle.

Toyota announces pricing for 2013 Verso in the UK


The vehicles that were launched during the Paris Motor Show in September are coming out of showrooms all over Europe. Toyota releases from its garage the 2013 version of the Verso MPV with the first deliveries set before the end of January 2013.

The entry-level 2013 Verso has a tag price of £17,495. This is the five-seater version equipped with a 1.6L gas engine. The seven-seater Excel trim with a 1.8L gas engine and a diesel version with a two-liter displacement goes for £23,445.
The facelifted Verso comes with 470 revised and new parts like the front fascia, tweaked powerplants, and upgraded interiors.

Customers in Britain can pick from two gasoline-powered versions. There will be the 130-horsepower 1.6L engine and the 145-horsepower, 1.8L engine. There is also a diesel variant that gives out 124HP and a lower carbon dioxide emission.

The compact minivan from the Japanese car manufacturer comes in a three-grade offering: Excel, Icon, and Active.

The Active trim comes with an entertainment system (radio, MP3 player, CD), power front windows, day time running lights, hill-start assist, rear spoiler, fog lights, ABS, VSC, and EBD systems.

The Icon will have the features of the Active trim plus 16-inch rims, leather wrap for the gear knob and steering wheel, Bluetooth, power rear windows, camera to aid rear view, dual-zone air conditioning, cruise control, rear privacy glass, DABdigital tuner, cupholder, aviation table attached to the front seat.

The higher end EXCEL comes with the features of both Active and Icon trims plus but features 17-inch rims, leather-wrapped seat bolsters, Smart Start and Entry, rain sensors for the wipers, HID headlamps, auto-dimming rear view mirror, self leveling headlight, sunshades for the rear door, roof rails, and leather for the door trim.

We've always been fans of Toyota cars for various reasons. Not only does rank them amongst the best value-for-money vehicles, they're also the most reliable cars on the planet since 1990. Beautiful design, great quality and prices that keep them well apart from BMW or Mercedes - Toyota is awesome (and scored great when you're getting a car insurance quote - because of their excellent built quality and warranty)!

Problem with window switch forces Toyota to recall 7.4 million units due to risk of fire

Toyota issues a recall for around 7.4 million of their vehicles distributed across their global market including the Toyota Camy M.Y. 2007 through 2009. and the Camry Hybrid. The recall results from a problem with a power window switch that may lead to fire. The recall will involved around 2.5 million vehicles in the United States.

This recall is the biggest done by a car manufacturer since Ford recalled 8 million of their vehicles back in 1996 due to problematic ignition switches.

The master switch for the power windows on the side of the drivermay have a sticky or notchy feel when operated. If owners will use lubricants that they can buy from any auto shop to resolve the problem, this may result to melting of the switch and other components that eventually leads to some smoke or fire in some scenarios.

The problem with the switch was traced to the grease applied to the assembly by the supplier. The uneven grease may be carbonized with the frequent use of the switch and then result to deterioration of the properties of the lubricant.

Toyota clarified that they have not received any report linking the problem to any crashes.

Bulk of the vehicles being recalled are Toyota Camry and its Hybrid version in the US market. The Japanese carmaker said it will be recalling 116,800 Hybrid Camrys and 938,100 Camrys.

The recall in the US will also involve twelve models under the Scion and Toyota brands. This will include the Scion xA and xD released in 2008 to 2009, Toyota Corolla MY 2009, and the Yaris MY 2007 to 2008. Toyota is also recalling the Tundra and RAV4 for MY 2007 to 2009, 2008 to 2009 Seqoia, Highlander 2008 MY and its hybrid counterpart, and the 2009 Corolla and Matrix.

Toyota dealers will fix the switches and apply a special grease. The recall will be implemented before the end of October. If you have a vehicle that is on this list, better address the problem as soon as you get the notice. The repair will only take around an hour according to Toyota.

Breakdown cover for Toyota cars: a couple tips

Toyota have a reputation for building high quality cars so most people rarely worry about a breakdown. That being said they do occasionally breakdown and when it happens it can be very inconvenient, particularly if it leaves you stranded at the side of the road. This is why you need to make sure that you have breakdown cover. The following tips should help you to find the right policy for your needs.

toyota-breakdownThe most important tip when you are purchasing breakdown cover for your car is to make sure that you know what kind of coverage you need. There are policies that will offer just basic coverage in that if you have a breakdown they will come and tow you to the nearest garage. There are also policies that will allow you to choose to have your car towed to any location in the country that you desire. There are even some policies that will allow to call somebody to come to your home and help you if you can’t get your car started in the morning. You can click here to see all of the different policy options that are available.

Another important tip when you are buying breakdown cover is to make sure that you think about where you will be travelling. It is possible to get coverage that will pay for onward travel. This means that if your car breaks down and it is going to take longer than a few hours to fix it your policy will pay for a car rental, or the cost of public transportation to get you where you are going. Some policies may pay for the cost of a hotel while you wait for you car to be fixed. This type of policy can be very helpful if you are a long way from home. The terms do vary significantly from one policy to another so you will need to read carefully so that you know what kind of coverage you have.

It is important to keep in mind when you are buying breakdown coverage that you are in most cases only covered for getting your car to a garage. That means that once the car is at the garage you are going to have to pay for any repairs yourself. In a lot of cases even if the repairs are done at roadside you will still have to pay for parts. It is possible to get coverage that will pay for some of the cost of repairs although rarely will the full cost be covered.

One last important tip is to think about whether you need coverage for the vehicle or for yourself. If several people drive your car for example you will likely want to make sure that you have coverage for the car no matter who is driving it. On the other hand if you drive more than one car you will likely want to make sure that you are covered no matter which car you are driving.

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Report: Toyota working on electric sports car

Toyota has made know in recent times that it wants something more exciting in its line up of dependable but boring crossovers, hatchbacks, and sedans. This was made clear by the Japanese car manufacturer when it introduced the Scion FR-S and before that the halo model Lexus LFA.

Toyota also recently sealed a pact with BMW so they can collaborate on one sports car or maybe even more.

It is good though that even as the brand craves for sporty vehicle models, Toyota has not forgotten its love for hybrid and electric vehicles. According to a recent report, one of the new offerings of the brand will be a sporty electric car.

An insider shared that the concept car 2000GT EV that was unveiled at the start of the year is being used in the development of a powertrain technology that relies on electricity. This technology is set to roll out for a city car before being applied to a sports car. The carmaker is also working on a new manual transmission that relies on inverters and can alter the torque on the wheels depending on the setting.

The powertrain technology is still on its early stages of development so we cannot expect it to be used soon. Most likely it will take several years before it gets into a car we drive.

Toyota has other electric mules aside from the 2000GT. It will be fielding an electric car prototype at the Pikes Peak vent while its Motorsports GmbH division based in Germany will also be doing test runs of an electric car it plans to sell to private consumers. Toyota is also brewing a hybrid that may take the place of the Supra.

Spotlight: 2012 Toyota Yaris

The Japanese cars maker, Toyota, has updated this subcompact vehicle to be in style for the current decade with sportier lines, improved features, and a more conventional design for the interior. It might be a marketing nightmare for the Yaris if its positioned next to the Prius C which has a good legroom and enough space for cargo and a way better mileage f 50 miles per gallon compared to its 32 mpg.

What can Yaris have to stand against its cousin the Prius C? Well the Toyota Yaris still has the conventional petrol engine for those who still does not have the confidence on the hybrid. The Yaris also has a very competitive sticker price. The new Yaris goes for about $14,115 or about $4,800 cheaper than the smallest hybrid in the lineup of Toyota. There might also be discounts to come with the Yaris while the demand is high for the Prius C hybrid.

Buyers should also note that Scio, a sister brand of Toyota, markets the xD hatchback which is about the same size as the Yaris but positioned to be a hipper and cooler ride.

The new Yaris looks good but is not a stand out among its competitions. The SE trim gives you a sportier look with its special rims, big air dams, and other elements which gives it a more aggressive look. It does not have enough though to get that second look once the newness of the design tires the consumer eyes a bit.

The interior of the car though received a good amount of improvement compared to its older sibling. Toyota designers used better materials with soft to touch surfaces, and a more conventional cluster of instruments. The front seats and the rear bench are a lot more comfortable. Unlike the Honda Fit’s rear bench, that of Yaris’ does not fold which limits its cargo room compared to the competition.

The powerplant of the 2012 Yaris does not give you any options as it still relies on the 4-cylinder, 1.5L engine which has not been changed much from the older models of the Yaris. Toyota does not go with the flow unlike other carmakers with Kia and Hyundai giving their small rides with direct injection and the Sonic by Chevrolet getting a turbocharged engine. The Yaris gets a 5 speed manual transmission while some trims get the six speed option. The automatic gearbox though is quite disappointing with only four speeds which lags behind other car manufacturers that fits their vehicles with at least a 5-speed or even a six speed automatic transmission.

The handling of the Toyota Yaris is good and responsive. Another good point is the seal of approval of the IIHS in terms of the safety of the 2012 Yaris.

The highest trim of the Yaris goes for $16,400. For this year, there will only be the 3- and 5-door hatchback but we can expect a sedan to be rolled out by next year.

Concept car: Toyota presents 2012 NS4 Plug-in Hybrid in Detroit

toyota-ns4-concept-16Toyota recently took the covers of the 2012 NS4 Plug-in Hybrid during the auto show in Detroit. Experts say that this concept vehicle might be a hint of how future mid-size sedans from Toyota will be like.

Multiple engineering teams collaborated to come up with the Toyota concept car with focus on passenger interaction and connectivity. Another goal is to have it along the production pipeline by 2015. The second part sounds like a good news since it might be destined to hit the roads.

The result of the team up of different teams is the 2012 NS4 Concept which can be a future Camry come 2016 or maybe it can give rise to a new range of plug-in hybrids that will be delivered by a sub-brand of Toyota.

The drivetrain of the concept vehicle gets its DNA from the current Hybrid Synergy Drive although the engineers made use of lighter and smaller components to make it more efficient, give it a better fuel economy, better electric range, and quicker acceleration.

The exterior design lines of the Toyota NS4 aims to create an emotional link with the consumers. And looking back at the sedans of present and of past, the NS4 concept might be the boldest in terms of design.

The interior of the car spotlights safety of its occupants and connectivity. The touch screen interface has the control for audio, ventilation, and other essential systems. The car also has an adaptive technology which learns usual command inputs.

The NS4 also has a pre-collision system that makes use of wave radar and cameras for detection of daylight and also as near infrared system to be utilized during night time. This tools are combined with a collision warning system and a prevention technology that triggers the brakes and provides steering inputs.

The Toyota NS4 will also have lane departure technology, monitoring blind spot, and adaptive headlights which varies in intensity and shape depending on the driving conditions.

Toyota Prius Plug-in price in the UK announced, new Prius C hybrid also reaching UK

2012-Toyota-Prius-hybrid-plug-inJapanese car manufacturer Toyota recently announced the pricing for the new Prius Hybrid Plug-in that will be in UK showrooms by mid 2012. The figure starts at £ 31,000 but this may still go lower by as much as £5,000 when the grant scheme of the government for green cars are implemented. Toyota qualifies for the funding after meeting the requirements for their plug-in cars.

The sticker price on the new Prius Plug-in is pretty competitive compared to the other electric vehicle units in the market today. The Prius too offers some flexibility in terms of performance as it combines a petrol engine with the lithium ion battery depended electric motor. The setup allows owners to go 14 miles in full EV mode. After covering the max of the distance as an EV, the Prius automatically turns on the whole hybrid system to run the car which includes the VVT-i 1.8L petrol powerplant. The range anxiety of drivers is therefore well addressed.

Recharging the Prius Plug-in Hybrid is also very convenient for end users. A full recharge of the lithium ion battery pack can be be achieved after plugging it in into an eletric supply at work, home, or public charging point for 1.5 hours.

The hybrid Toyota car is expected to only spew out 49 g/km of carbon dioxide and have an excellent combined fuel mileage of 134.5 miles per gallon. These number further enhances the position of the Toyota Prius Plug-in as a perfect choice for company fleets.

Contrary to an earlier report, it seems that the new supermini Prius C hybrid will be reaching UK showrooms. The Prius C with specs for Japan will be unveiled during the Tokyo auto show this coming November. This car will be the smallest among the lineup of Toyota Prius havgina dimension of 3995mm x 1695mm x 1445mm.

The new Prius C hybrid will have a petrol electric setup making use of 1.4L petrol engine working with an electric motor which will combine to have an output of 99 bhp. A CVT gearbox is used to transfer the power of the engines to the wheels. This super mini green vehicle will have its European unveiling at the motor show in Geneva in March next year.

Toyota announces pricing for Yaris hatchback in Europe

Toyota recently announced the tag price of the Toyota Yaris for their consumers in Europe. The first deliveries of the next generation Toyota Yaris hatchback is expected to happen by next month.

The new Toyota Yaris will come in two body styles– the 3-door and 5-door. Consu2 mers in the UK and the rest of Europe will have the T Spirit, SR, TR, and T2 as grades to choose from with engines including the turbodiesel 1.4L D-4D, 1.0L and another 1.33L petrol powerplants. Sticker price for the Yaris starts at £11,700.

The 1.0L VVT-i that runs on petrol is the entry level powerplant for the Yaris. This one gives out 68bhp when it hits 6,000 rpm with 93 for its maximum torque. Initial numbers according to Toyota gives the Yaris a good fuel mileage of 4.7L per 100 kilometers while the carbon dioxide emission hits 118 g/km.

The only diesel option will be the D-4D 1.4L engine paired to a 6-speed manual transmission. This option gives the consumer 89 bhp for the Yaris. Fuel mileage for the diesel dependent Yaris comes at 3.9L per 100 kilometers.

Zipcar adds Hybrid Toyota Prius Plug-ins to their Fleet

Zipcar is famous for being one of the world’s biggest car club service that has helped several car companies obtain real-life stats when it comes to car sharing. Zipcar has also been known to be a great alternative to car rental and the answer to the hefty price one pays for car ownership and maintenance.

Just recently, Zipcar has teamed up with Toyota and had added about eight units of the hybrid / plug-in versions of the well publicized and warmly embraced Toyota Prius, one of the biggest names in the Japanese carmaker’s roster of vehicles. These eight Pruis units are now part of Zipcar’s car-sharing options to choose from. These plug-in Prius models are aimed for test drives alone and won’t be sold anywhere until year 2012. However, Zipcar members that are stationed in San Francisco, Boston, Cambridge, and Portland can enjoy the benefits and get the feel of these new Prius plug-in versions.

This is part of Toyota’s joint pilot program with Zipcar. The Prius units will be able to give then real-time data that would be beneficial in their preparation for the plug-in’s launch by the year 2012. On the other hand, Zipcar aims to use these eight Prius plug-in models to assess the possibility of having a wider range of options when it comes to their fleet.

Of course, like all of Zipcar’s fleet options, the plug-in Toyota Prius is available by an hourly reservation with a $7 rate charged per sixty minutes of use. So go on and enjoy these new models through Zipcar.